Old Used Panties red with crotch holes

A pair of my old very well-worn panties. I’ve had these for 5 years, and worn them to the point of destruction! I like to masturbate with a vibrator on my clit while wearing panties, so over the years they have developed crotch holes right where my clit is. This pair also has a hole at the waistband seam in the back. The fabric is all stretched out and baggy, very soft to the touch.

Panty ships clean and washed by default. With the “pussy juices” add-on cost (see ManyVids link), I will wear them for a couple days, and then make myself cum hard in them multiple times, to fill them with my pussy cream.

Ships very discreetly in a manila envelope, sealed carefully in a ziplock bag.

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Cotton Blend


Victoria's Secret



Inner crotch fabric color