Cuddly Worn Pajama Romper

Want to cuddle up to my sweet scent? This romper is very cute, comfy, stretchy-soft grey fabric lined with a little lace. There’s a crotch area, so it’s not quite a babydoll… it’s a romper!

I’ll go to bed in this romper every night for a couple weeks, to infuse it with my natural body scent. I won’t wear any panties while spending every night in them either!

The crotch area doesn’t hug tight to my body, so it won’t be like buying my dirty panties… unless you choose the “make dirty with pussy juice” add-on (in which case I will make myself cum in them multiple times, right before shipping). This listing is mostly for you to enjoy my overall body smell, as if I were snuggled in bed right next to you 😀

I’ll start “making” this once you order, so be sure you’re ready to wait a couple weeks before I ship them out, so I can wear it lots for you!

Will ship discreetly, packaged carefully in plastic bag.

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Soft 60% cotton, 40% modal


American Eagle Aerie