All Your Sex Toy Are Belong To Me

For the first six minutes, watch a quick succession clips of me using almost every vibrator and dildo I own (including one Bad Dragon toy). Many toys I love… and some toys are terrible! After all that, I’m so turned on that for the last four minutes I fuck my two favorite toys until I cum hard and my whole body shivers with pleasure.


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9:58 min



4 reviews for All Your Sex Toy Are Belong To Me

  1. danpetman via ManyVids

    This video, perhaps more than any other, sums up everything that makes Zander great. It’s sexy as anything, shows off Zander’s genuine enjoyment and playfulness, and contains some of the funniest reactions to sex toys I’ve ever seen. After watching this video, even if you’ve never seen one of Zander’s shows or any of their other material, you will have a sense of who they are. Zander’s playful, sexy personality shines through in every frame, so whether you’re a newcomer curious about their content or a die-hard fan who already knows how great they are, this video is a must-buy.

  2. wcyanmvwc via ManyVids

    Really unbelievable !!! Zander takes you through her huge collection and all the while being so sexy and so hot!!! The last couple of minutes is so worth watching as she takes herself over the top with an orgasm. To see a beautiful woman as herself using her toys is such a sexy sight!! Her body is so lovely and to see how she using each of the toys is so attractive. Watching Zander is so hot!!!! I can not wait to see more!!!

  3. zalioe via ManyVids

    Great cam personality and seeing her use so many of her toys makes it even better.

  4. peecee2 via ManyVids

    Really fun novelty and variety!

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