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I came in 7th place for the 2016 ManyVids Award “Rising Star of the Year“! Thank you to ALL the people who voted for me – you’re the real MVPs!

Silly, sexy, nerdy clip where I tell you all the reasons you should vote for me in the 2016 MV Awards… from “I’m wearing butt-less panties” to “I collect old-school Gameboys”. I LOVE my new camming/clipmaking career!

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Awesomely silly video from the cutest cam girls i’ve ever seen. plus gotta love the triforce necklace. definitely got my vote!
– Masterlink84 via ManyVids
This video is fantastically cute, funny, sexy and awesome, just like its star. A perfect introduction for anyone who isn’t already aware of just how rad Zander is.
– danpetman via ManyVids
So hot. Lol. And awesome to see all Nintendo stuff on here. No better way to turn someone one then to show one’s nerdy side 😉
– AndrewCW via ManyVids
Damn it, it was too effective, I have to go vote again.
– zalioe via ManyVids
Cute, nerdy and funny! What more could you ask for?
That critical strike though :3

– TTIOttio via ManyVids
You are so cute! Definite girl crush(:
– Cattie via ManyVids
Great video :)
– Jeramie via ManyVids
Fun intro and check out her other vids!”
– peecee2 via ManyVids

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