Bad Dragon Cole the Dane

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18.5-minute 1080p widescreen video

I suck and then fuck my Bad Dragon Cole the Dane fantasy furry canine-style dildo. My pussy takes the entire toy; my whole body shudders when the thick knot finally slides and pops into me. Listen to the dirty wet sounds my soaked pussy makes, as I fuck myself with the fantasy dog cock while it is knotted inside my petite Japanese cunt.

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“A beautifully shot video, passionate, sexy and kinky. Genuine enjoyment is obvious on the part of the star, who is exceptionally seductive. A must-watch.”
– danpetman via ManyVids
“Who doesn’t have enjoy watching hot women enjoy themselves? Don’t answer that I know of some people who don’t, But that’s ok they have their thing. For those that do like it however, this woman won’t disapoint. Had to come back to buy it, because I bought somethng else by mistake but it was totally worth the return visit. Buy it, you won’t regret it.”
– NerdyByNature via ManyVids
“Love this video and worthy of buying. Favorite thing is she says when she’s cumming and I absolutely love that!”
– Jeramie via ManyVids
Loved it! Great work Zandie! :)
– aussieardour via ManyVids
Love it, great watching her masturbate”
– Dunce_Returns via ManyVids

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