Bad Dragon Clayton Large First Try

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14-minute 1080p widescreen video

I won this absolutely ENORMOUS fantasy Bad Dragon dildo in a sex toy auction. This is now by far the most gigantic sex toy I own! Watch me struggle and try to fuck this huge dragon dick for the very first time, and see how far I can get it inside my petite Japanese pussy.

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“Holy cow this toy. It’s HUGE! But Zander takes it like a champ, getting more in than expected and really enjoying the stretching. If you like big toys, you need this video.”
– danpetman via ManyVids
“Love this video, especially since you get to see how excited she was to try. You get to see her fuck and suck a giant dragon dildo and do a great job of it.”
– zalioe via ManyVids
“Do you love Dragons and Dildos and Pussy? Then imagine a true Trifecta in an awesome video. In true Zanderstormx fashion, she challenges a new Bad Dragon dildo, which is HUGE. Can she fit it in that little Japanese pussy? And if so, how much? Buy this video to find out. Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised by the outcome. A hot video for lovers of large toys. Get It NOW…
– Ghostman_MD via ManyVids
“Everything you would expect and more. if you don’t have this video you’re missing out!
– Dangerouspwr via ManyVids
“Very hot watching her stretch herself on the toy.
– guardan via ManyVids
“Amazing work Zandy! Loved how you beat your own expectations well done! Defiantly worth it if you haven’t gotten it already. GET IT!
– aussieardour via ManyVids
Sexy and impressive! Fun as always, and your voice was super hot in this one.
– larjdik via ManyVids
“Bought this one by mistake and I don’t regret it. It’s not really something I am into (That thng is a weapon) but she’s kinda charming to watch play with it none the less.
– NerdyByNature via ManyVids
Fucking awesome video, I really loved this one
– Dunce_Returns via ManyVids
A truly amazing video! Very highly recommended!
– Zuul2016 via Extra Lunch Money
loved this video”
– monkeybrain via ManyVids

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